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Movie Review

Alice has had a rough decade and a half.

Ever since the Umbrella Corporation unleashed its DNA-mutating t-Virus on the world and began turning humanity into undead monstrosities, well, staying alive has been easier said than done. But somehow, Alice has done just that.

She's been injected with that noxious t-Virus and survived. She's been pummeled, pounded, ripped and torn by abominations of every size and shape. She's been cloned into an army. She's barely outrun atomic eruptions. And miraculously, she's still come out on top.

But things are really dire now.

As Alice pulls herself up out of the grimy rubble and ruins of Washington, D.C.—the scene of her most recent near-death showdown with yet another gazillion slavering zombies—she's given a bit of vital information. It seems the number of humans still surviving in the world has been reduced to but a few thousand. And those precious few are projected to be dead within days.

Alice's source for this alarming news, Umbrella Corp.'s own A.I. supercomputer, also reveals the fact that there's an airborne antivirus to be had if someone can obtain it before mankind's clock ticks out. And it looks like that someone will have to be Alice.


However, there is a catch. (There's always a catch.) Before Alice makes her way back to the underground Umbrella Hive in Racoon City—fighting past tens of thousands of drooling monsters and Umbrella's most deadly defense technologies—she needs to come to grips with another sobering fact: The antivirus will kill everything infected with the t-Virus.

And that includes … herself.

Positive Elements

Alice is as deadly and destructive as anything in this apocalyptic world, but she's willing to lay down her life if it means putting an end to the t-Virus and its plague-like effects on the pitiful few humans who haven't yet succumbed to it. A number of other heroic humans also give their all to help Alice in her quest.

Spiritual Content

Dr. Isaacs, an Umbrella Corp. bigwig, wears a cross. While tapping the Bible, he makes a comparison between the biblical flood in Genesis and the t-Virus's humanity-purging effects.

A prisoner holding area is strewn with scores of crucifixes and crosses. Dr. Isaacs pulls out a large knife with the inscription, "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord."

Sexual Content

Alice wears a formfitting leather outfit that reveals some cleavage. Some other women wear tattered, skin-baring tops, too. Alice's friend Claire kisses a guy. Someone angrily spits the suggestive phrase "blow me" in Alice's direction.

Violent Content

From the moment Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opens, to its closing scene, it screeches and explodes constantly with scores and scores of human and zombie deaths. We see hundreds of gallons of fuel poured over a massive army of human-like creatures, then ignited. Vehicles get detonated by a Claymore-like mine. Gigantic tank-like vehicles tear apart the scenery with high-caliber rounds and missiles. Writhing bodies burn. They also dangle from meat hooks and are hung in groups from overhead beams. A butcher shop-like torture room is filled with dissected corpses and smeared, rotting gore. A woman is sucked into spinning blades and reduced to goopy spray.

Skeletal, inside-out beasts rip off faces and tear out throats. Mutated creatures sporting facial features blossoming with rows of razor-sharp teeth gnaw ravenously on people's torsos and limbs. Heads get lopped off and slashed in two. Hands, feet and heads are crushed by heavy metal gateways. People fall from great heights. Limbs, hands and fingers are severed by blades and lasers as well.

And on and on it goes: a creature's eye is jammed onto a nail-like protrusion. A boy bites into his own father's neck. A man is smothered to death with a plastic bag. Someone else's torso gets blown open by a small grenade, while others are blasted by shotguns and pistols. Some are stabbed with knives. And Alice and her friend Claire are both pounded and battered with what seems almost like misogynistic glee on multiple occasions.

Crude or Profane Language

A pair of s-words and one use of "b--ch" join a couple of misuses of Jesus' name.

Drug and Alcohol Content

None, really, apart from repeated references to the critical antivirus that Alice seeks.

Other Negative Elements


The sixth pulpy entry in this based-on-a-videogame film franchise does exactly what many would expect of it: It erupts on the screen with a good 70 minutes of shaky-camera, slash-blast-crisp-and-gush destruction. And then, as the ticking clock winds down, it spills out all its Final Chapter secrets—plot splinters designed to stich this installment and its five predecessors into some kind of semi-coherent, gore-smeared whole.

The only secret it doesn't divulge in the final limb-lopping, flesh-mulching half hour is how star Milla Jovovich can still look almost exactly the same as she did when she pureed her first mutated zombies some 15 years ago. Maybe zombie guts are really good for the skin.

Can't say this pic is much good for anything else, though. If you're looking for character development or compelling acting or anything other than a cinematic bucket of zombie chum chucked into your face, you've come to the wrong place.

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Milla Jovovich as Alice/Alicia Marcus; Ali Larter as Claire Redfield; Iain Glen as Dr. Isaacs; Shawn Roberts as Wesker; Ever Anderson as Young Alicia/Red Queen; Ruby Rose as Abigail


Paul W.S. Anderson ( )


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January 27, 2017

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May 16, 2017

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Bob Hoose

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