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In this follow-up to the 1995 film Friday, Craig moves out of the ghetto to live with his Uncle Elroy and Cousin Day-Day in the suburbs. Elroy and Day-Day have just recently left the ghetto themselves after winning $1 million in the lottery. But the winnings haven't lasted and Elroy's $230,000 house is about to be auctioned for back taxes. To pay the bill, Craig devises a plan to break into the drug dealing Mexican gang's house next door and steal their loot.

Positive Elements: None. (However, the police save the day in the end and take the Mexican gang into custody—something ironic from a writer who helped popularize such anti-law enforcement songs as "F--- the Police.")

Sexual Content: Mr. Jones tells Craig he wants him to leave the house so he can walk around "buck naked," and have sex with Craig's mother. When he arrives in the suburbs Elroy's girl friend tries to seduce Craig. Showing Craig around the house, Elroy pulls a condom from the Jacuzzi, boasting, "We get real nasty in there," and tells Craig he can "use it anytime you want." [Note: This was supposed to be funny.] Elroy and his girl head upstairs after publicly stating it is "Mr. Nasty time" (soon, plaster begins falling from the ceiling). While in their bedroom to deliver the news about the tax auction, Craig makes light of the couple's numerous sex toys and bondage gear (a later scene finds the girlfriend shackled to their bedroom wall). Craig reads a porn magazine. The Mexican gang next door parties with three skimpily clad women. At the invitation of one of the girls who says she enjoys "rough sex," the gang leader carries one of the women to a back bedroom (he's shown wearing only a g-string). Later, he boasts about using duct tape. All three of the women are roughly thrown out of the house after the guys have had their way (clearly underscoring the foul idea that women are merely sexual objects). The owner of the record store where Day-Day works brags that he has a girlfriend and "a wife on the side." A stoned Craig hallucinates about Karla touching her breasts and seducing him. Eventually, they have sex. Craig's cousin boasts that he gets more sex since he bought a BMW.

Violent Content: The opening scene features a man getting slammed violently with a board (blood drips out of his mouth). The gang leader punches and slaps Day-Day and Roach. One of the gang members is struck hard with a board to knock him out.

Crude or Profane Language: Many, many, many, many f-words in all their obscene variations are utilized throughout this film. Even an elderly lady living next door to Uncle Elroy spews the f-word. In all, literally hundreds of profanities and vulgar terms for female anatomy occur.

Drug and Alcohol Content: Pot smoking is frequent. Craig rolls a joint in the bathroom using High Times magazine to roll it on. He smokes a blunt (a cigar in which the tobacco has been replaced with marijuana) with his uncle and his girlfriend. The girlfriend downs a small bottle of liquor too. He smokes a joint with Roach (who sports a Cottonmouth High sweatshirt) and Day-Day at their place of employment (Roach wishes he had his "bong"). Roach gets the Mexican gang's guard dog stoned with marijuana brownies and then smokes dope again while talking to the dog.

Other Negative Elements: Stealing is justified when it's drug money that's being stolen.

Summary: Next Friday is a very sick film trying to pass itself off as a comedy. Sadly, in it's first two weeks of release, it was also a very popular film, ranking number 1 both weeks. Time Warner once again proves Hollywood profits often come before principle.

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Ice Cube as Craig Jones; Mike Epps as Day-Day; Justin Pierce as Roach; John Witherspoon as Mr. Jones; Don 'D.C.' Curry as Uncle Elroy and Lisa Rodríguez as Karla


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We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well.

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