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"I'm not me any more, I'm a hardware store," exclaims Gadget. And it doesn't get any better. Drudging up the most inane elements of Flubber and RoboCop, Disney has recreated the television series Inspector Gadget for the big screen. Security guard John Brown suffers an accident early in the film (he's blown up in a car crash). Brenda, a robotic surgeon, saves his life by replacing his human body with one made of "gadgets." Henceforth, he's to be a crime-fighting machine called Inspector Gadget. He must defeat the villainous Claw who killed Brenda's dad. Of course, Gadget and Brenda fall in love.

Positive Elements: Inspector Gadget goes after the bad guy, fights for justice and lives out his vision of helping others by bringing safety and peace to his city.

Spiritual Content: A brief appearance of an Eastern guru who urges Gadget to find his inner peace.

Sexual Content: Minor sexual innuendoes intrude during dialogue about Gadgets newfangled "parts." A couple of kissing scenes. A few low-cut evening gowns.

Violent Content: Prolonged "cartoon-style" violence takes up most of the film's short 80 minute length. Car chases. Helicopter chases. Explosions. Fist fights. All of it is played for laughs. In one scene Gadget's arm grasps a man's genitals. Wordplay revolves around the term "balls."

Crude or Profane Language: Minimal. One mumbled d--n. "Gosh" and "Oh God" also pop up a couple of times.

Drug and Alcohol Content: Claw smokes a cigar.

Summary: Fortunately, Inspector Gadget avoids the crude bathroom humor that has become a stable of many PG and PG-13 "kiddie action" films. Sadly, lack of any distinguishable character development, a sub-par plot and Nickelodeon-style production should send any self-respecting teen running out of the theater. And the film's "laugh-track" approach to violence renders it inappropriate for the kids that it does appeal to. Fixated on its gadgets, Inspector Gadget forgets to entertain.

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We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well.

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